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About Us

About Us

  The Music Emporium has been operating under Jerry Werner since 1983. Jerry became a luthier after attending school in Redwing, Minnesota and then serving an apprenticeship with Chuck Orr of The Guitar Shop, also in Minneapolis.

  Jerry moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 1983 and bought into the existing string music equipment repair shop the Music Emporium. Jerry has been the sole proprietor of this shop since then. The Music Emporium is located in the old downtown section of Fargo. With over 1000 square feet of workshop space, a visitor to the Music Emporium will find any number of projects in various stages of completion.

Jerry works with many of the schools in the area, repairing various instruments that have been in the sometimes rough hands of Fargo - Moorhead students. Jerry gives these instruments a little longer life span for budget strapped schools.

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